San Diego County      DM13ic      CQ Zone 3      ITU Zone 6      ARRL Section SDG

First licensed as WV6CDO then WA6CDO in 1958, I was active until 1964 after which I allowed my ticket to lapse. I re-licensed in 2000 and was able to use the vanity procedure to regain my original call. From 2000 through August 2007 the QTH was the city and county of San Francisco. I then moved about 25 miles north to San Rafael, Marin County, CA. In June, 2016, I moved to my present QTH in Carlsbad, San Diego County.

I operate mostly on 20 through 10, SSB and RTTY, with an occasional QSO on 40 and 6. My present QTH is antenna-restricted, so I am now using an end-fed forty-meter invertd vee in a somewhat stealthy configuration. I use an IC 756 ProIII and US Interface Navigator at home, and occassionally an IC 7000 with an LG AT 7000 mobile.

Jerry Boucher
2259 Aventurine Place,
Carlsbad, CA 92009